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Located near the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers in Wickliffe, Kentucky, Phoenix Paper is proud of the rich tradition and history of papermaking at our mill.  The mill was started up by Westvaco in 1969, and many experienced Papermakers came from other parts of the country to help train the locally hired employees.  Those locally hired employees went on to produce second and even third generation papermakers at Wickliffe, with a history of success in producing high quality products.  The mill went through various ownership until it was closed in 2015.  The economic impact from the loss of jobs and services was devastating to the local community.

In 2018, the mill was purchased by Shanying International, one of the largest paper manufacturers in the world.  Shanying believed in the potential of the mill, the history of the community, and the strength of its employees that call it home.  Shanying has made significant investments to the Wickliffe facility and has committed funding to improve the overall cost position of the mill to pave the way for long term operational sustainability.


Employing over 300 people, Phoenix Paper is growing to become a leading supplier in the North American market. Our commitment to our community and our customers drives us to evolve and create environmentally sustainable products, with competitive operations that will survive in the market for years to come.  Fully integrated, we are a manufacturer of high quality Uncoated Free Sheet printing, writing, and converting papers, as well as market pulp.  The affordable and excellent on-press performance of our offset and reply card grades are suitable for a wide variety of commercial printing end uses.  We value relationships with our customers and are dedicated to excellent customer service and dependable availability of our products. 

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Our team is trained both internationally and locally, so we understand your needs and the environment in which you do business. 

Michael P. Grimm

President & CEO

Global Win Capital Corporation and Phoenix Paper

Tom Umenhofer

Sales Director

Jason Brown

HR Director